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Walk SlimIf you want to lose weight, tone up your body, and get slim; if you want to watch the pounds drop away and have more energy than you ever had before; if you want a simple way to get fit and stay fit for the rest of your life – then Walk Slim is for you.

  • It’s easy, it’s fun and it works
  • Walk your way to a slimmer, healthier you
  • Delicious and easy diet recipes without calorie counting
  • Fit kids – fitness for all the family
  • Step out to a longer life – fitness for the over-50s
  • Stressbuster – the perfect stress management programme


What the Press said about Walks Slim:

‘Then it happened. On to my desk dropped a book which promised a new life. I am hooked. It doesn’t involve expensive equipment, no stress on joints, neither do you have to get a second mortgage to join some exclusive health club. So what is the secret? What is it that promises to shed pounds painlessly? Walking.’
The Herald, Glasgow

‘Not only is it very easy and inexpensive, walking is also the best possible route to weight loss. A programme of daily walks combined with a carefully selected low-fat, high-fibre diet has virtually guaranteed results…even the most reluctant exerciser can lose up to one stone in 30 days.’
Daily Mail

Walk Slim is the fat-free way to get fit. A calorie-burning pastime that can help get back some of what our increasing sedentary lifestyles are taking away… The secret is in its simplicity.’
Evening Mail



Fitness WalkingFitness Walking is a step-by-step guide to a longer, healthier life. Fitness walking is:

  • The safest and best form of exercise around
  • The perfect activity for weight loss – and ideal for conditioning the hips and thighs
  • Appropriate for young and old
  • The cheapest fitness programme available – all you need is a good pair of shoes
  • The ideal way to beat stress – a positive approach for a healthy body and mind

This is what TODAY newspaper said about Fitness Walking:

‘Forget jogging – walking is taking over as the road to fitness. It sounds almost too good to be true but regular walking, done in the right way, is a form of aerobic exercise which can relieve stress, reduce the risk of heart attacks and trim excess weight from hips and thighs. Join the thousands of Britons putting their best foot forward with TODAY’S exclusive programme based on Fitness Walking by Maggie Humphreys and Les Snowdon.’



The Walking DietMany diets fail because they are difficult to keep to. The Walking Diet is so practical, realistic and easy to follow that it has never been simpler to lose weight and feel wonderful.

  • Walking is easy to incorporate into your daily routine
  • Walking is aerobic and strengthens heart and lungs
  • Walking puts no strain on joints and does not overtax the body
  • Walking clears the head and helps with problem solving
  • Walking relieves stress and helps you remain calm
  • Combined with a healthy, nutritious diet, walking will keep you fit for life

Follow the 30-day walking plan and the generous low-fat diet and in a month you could be pounds lighter, more relaxed and on the path to a longer, more positive life. This is what fitness walkers said after following The Walking Diet –

Eileen  Coghan:  ‘I recommend it to anybody. I feel as fit  as  a flea  and toned up. I sleep better – like a top, and I have  more energy. I loved it, I feel great and I’m going to keep it up.’

Teresa  Corrigan:  ‘The walking was excellent. After a  week  you felt so good, much fitter with endless energy. You wanted to  get up in the mornings and get going.’

Julie Stapelton: ‘I loved the walking. I had great energy.  After the first week I really enjoyed it.’

What the reviewers said about Les Snowdon and Maggie Humphreys’ walkaway best selling The Walking Diet:

‘What’s “Green, natural and organic” and “the exercise of the ‘90s”?… The Walking Diet.’
Woman’s Realm

‘Walking…the perfect solution for anyone who’s fed up with diets, and bored with exercise.’
Daily Record

‘It makes you slim and is the antidote to stress, nervous tension and depression. What’s more it doesn’t cost anything and everyone can do it.’
Scotland on Sunday